November 22, 2020

This is what Sunday baking looks like during Lockdown - Soft chocolate chip cookies recipe


Hey friends! I hope you're doign great, that you are staying safe wherever you are at the moment. Just bescause we are still in a complicated and weird path, I wanted to share a comfort snack for the sweet tooth (even if you are not that big of a sweet enthusiast, I'm sure this baking session will cheer you up a bit more these days).

Perfect activity to do on a weekend afternoon, and if you ask me, this is probably my ultimate favourite since we are all stuck between four walls.

Here's the recipe I've been tweaking for way too long, and I think I found my dream cookie : Soft, sweet but intense chocolate flavour, and VERY heartwarming.


October 25, 2020

Birthday girl!

I just turned 23 friends!!! 💃

Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to share some bits and pieces of my day. It's been a pretty rough and weird year, we all know that. But things also went down for me and rushed everything when the timing was not the best. I guess the right thing to tell yourself is that YES, things do crush your mindset when you don't want to, but it is usually worth it and it gets lighter then.

Writing you these lines makes me happy I guess, and I hope whether you take it one way or another, this might be helpful.

Anyways, I leave you with some of the memories I've made and things I've captured during this day.


October 17, 2020

Beauty new-ins #1

From left to right:

OH MY CREAM Cleansing balm / INDIE LEE Brightening cleanser / OH MY CREAM Universal face cream / RMS BEAUTY Luminizing powder (grande dame)

Those are the latest products that were added on my beauty shelves, give me a couple of weeks to try them out and I'll come back for a beauty talk.

Some of them are already adopted since I've been using them for quite some time now (and bought when empty).

Did you guys know about these brands and beauty items? What are your latest finds in terms of beauty and skincare?



October 10, 2020

How to deal with stress & anxiety

ANXIETY. Probably one of the main things that keep me locked in on a daily basis.

I thought it could be somewhat helpful (for me and maybe for those of you who are also battling up with this very annoying and nerve racking issue) to have a talk about this on here, and especially regarding what the world is going through right now.


September 29, 2020

How to get ready for fall weather + Neutral knitwear selection


Hey friends! Greeting from my sofa where I'm writing these few lines. I woke up this morning wanting to talk a little about what to do, and how to deal with this sudden weather situation shift going on. I'm not the biggest all shiny and bright sunshine weather kind of girl even though I've got some hot island blood running through my veins. 

Yes, that's right, fall is probably my favourite season: hot cocoas, fuzzy and warm sweaters and brown-ish colours usually make me happy.


September 12, 2020

Super quick apple rustic pie to absolutely die for!

Happy weekend friends! We're baking again... Here's a new recipe I tried out today for snack and dessert. It's very simple, easy and quick, since I'm pretty much a lazy girl on an everyday basis. Make sure to tag me on instagram or leave me a comment if you guys tried it too.
Anyways, I'll leave you there with the whole recipe.


August 31, 2020

Latest snapshots #1

Hey friends! 💛 Summer is almost done and I've been staying in Paris all this time. Due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to travel and to be honest, we didn't feel like moving, even in the country. Better be safe, right?

Instead of posting you a vlog of my summer, I thought it would nice to share some of my summer 2020 shots that are still in my camera roll.

Let's look back at theses last few weeks, before jumping into September season.

Looking out postcards in Montmartre (and trying to get a cute candid shot) ☺


August 24, 2020

Tan overalls

 Hey friends, after a good week of break, I'm back in the game. Summer is nearly over and back to school / work is coming up in a few day. Are you guys ready to get back on track, start up new routines? Let me know!

Anyways, I recently went in a neighbourhood that I don't get to visit or walk to quite often: it's Montmartre. It's really cute, a very staple place to go to when in Paris, but it's at the literal opposite of where I'm living.

For those who don't know this quarter yet, or Paris, and that you're planning to visit when this weird and tricky situation is over, here's some things that are good to know before hands:

- be prepared, there is a good amount of walking and climbing, walking stairs

- the place and surrounding are always pretty packed (humans and...pigeons - just saying if you happen to have a fear of these incredible birds 🙋)

- be patient if you want to get your perfect Instagram shot (but it's totally worthy, probably one of the cutest place to get your gram, many other bloggers have great photos with these backdrops)

-  be aware of pickpockets and people that sometime grab you to draw your face

There you go 💛 Now, let's move on to the outfit I was wearing that day. I went for a very practical and comfy one as usual: my linen blend overalls that I got during my summer vacations in Greece (june 2018). Very light and breezy to keep you cool on hotter days.


August 10, 2020

Another sunny day

Hi friends, it's another quick and easy peasy outfit ! Summer is that time of the year when you want to dress cute but want to take literally 3 secs to pull out.
I personally like having my staples on my hand to make it really easy on an everyday basis.
Plus, here I left my jean shorts and went for my favourite jeans skirt to look a little more polished.

August 1, 2020

July 29, 2020

Skincare favourites: products I've been using lately

Hey babes, I hope you're doing great! Time for a beauty talk, since I've switched beauty products about a couple of months back.
For those who've been reading this blog for a little while, you already know that I am a skincare girlie.
And with my latest experiences, this has only grown more and more.

April 4, 2020

First time making sweet potato loaf bread!

Hey friends, I really hope you're safe at home in this lockdown. I know this period is not the best or easiest one but we're all in this together right ?!
Since a lot of things have changed since the beginning of the year, I thought it could be great to write a little bit more, at least when the time feels good, over here.
If you follow me on my social medias (link of my gram on the side, we're having fun there too), you know that I'm a huge eater, and a food enthusiast. lately I've been making a lot of sweet treats and I find it quite time passing when you can't go outside to protect others.

I've updated my banana bread recipe since then so make sure to check things out if you are a banana bread lovers as I am, but in the mean time, here's my own twist on a healthy (but comforting) sweet potato loaf bread / aka another way to spice up your basic boring sweet potato.

Make sure to tell me if you've tried it, I'm super curious :)

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