May 13, 2016

Nice places to eat in Paris - Lobster bar, Ober Mamma & co

Hey beautiful people, i hope you're doing well !

Bae is in town for a couple of days and since he doesn't live in Paris anymore, i've figured that it could be great if we discover some new places to eat while having a good time. I'm sure you'll know at least one of those places because i found them on insta and on some other blogs, so it's not very original. But, i thought i could share them to you guys anyway.

First stop for us was Lobster Bar, famous for their lobster roll - which anyway we didn't ending getting.
We went there for lunch (on Wednesday, 11th) and we took the noon menu composed of the roll of the day ( as they like to call it ) and fries plus a soft drink or a coffee.
Today's roll was salmon and let me tell ya, it was so good ! Everything was very fresh and the fries were homemade. Great point for that !

Decor was pretty cute but kinda small, so make sure to get there pretty early on weekends. We were lucky enough to have a sit in a minute, lol.
Price wise, it is pretty expensive since all is about lobster - for those of ya fancy people out there :)) but our menu was only 12 € and proportion was nice - not too big but not too small - even for bae who like to eat like a lot a lot a lot, lol. It was a very great discover and everything was looking so yummy.

Then we headed to one of the best *instagrammable* place for the evening time on friday ( the day after ) ! And the nominee is... Ober Mamma ! Omg what a wonderful place, i cannot handle it, lol... We found this restaurant on instagram ( thanks to @floriane and the other gurls of course. ) as usual and it definitely became our go-to pre-evening place to be ! I'm not even kidding, we went there to have the *apéritivo* : sorry for my italian which obviously isn't perfect at all, but let's pretend we're in italy because that's basically where our hearts were !
Funny fact tho, my boyfriend and i were so captivated by the atmosphere that we completely fell in love...of this place !


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