September 11, 2020

Sunshine bursting

SUNDAY BEST Tee (sold out) (simi here)/ SUNDAY BEST Shorts (sold out) (simi here or here) / REEBOK Sneakers (simi here)

Hey friends 💛Are we going to have another heatwave in Paris? In case you did not know by now, my favourite colour is yellow. I don't know what is the thing with this but I guess it brings me joy, happiness and reminds me of the sun. Quite weird actually because I'm typically that kind of girl who is more likely to wear grey, black and other dark colours (they match more my mood as a scorpio lol) but warmer days make me want to put a little touch of bright and warmer tones.

Today's look is completely made of one of them: YELLOW sunshine baby.

Here's to more colourful outfits coming, hopefully until december!

I hope back to school happened in the best way possible for all of you.



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