September 25, 2021

Skincare update : products I am currently using to treat my skin

Hey friends, I hope you are well! Summer is now over and it's time to do a little check up on our skin. Don't know about you but, between the sun, the heat and wearing the mask pretty much every day, my skin complexion has been changing and I feel like my skin has not been quite happy with all that jazz.

Last time my skin was completely messing around was when I came back from Australia. Clogged pores, hyperpigmentation scars, pimples were part of the party, and that was not fun at all.

Here are the few skincare products that I am using at the moment to help cure my mistreated skin. I am also taking advantage of the seasonal change to re adapt my skin regimen.

Off to a good start - targeting hydration, balance, and skin texture.


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