December 23, 2019

Super simple cinnamon & apple pie

Hey friends, greetings from my sofa again. My niece is in town for the xmas holiday, so that means a lot of baking to feed her childhood sweet snacks cravings (and to keep her busy lol).
Today, it's crispy apple & cinnamon apple pie in the making.
Very quick and easy + kids friendly.

December 16, 2019

Merry self care

Almost the end of the year, meaning it's almost xmas time.
While some are so busy thinking about what gift to get for every single people in their lives, i chose to treat myself first this year.

Because it's not about being selfish, but about being kind to yourself before anyone else.
At the end of the day, I chose being good to myself, learning to let myself be happy.

If being on social medias had me learnt something, it's that sometimes, you are just overwhelmed with "perfect life be like" of others, new trends, new products...and you just can't help being trapped into a wound of negativity.

TREAT YOURSELF first, if you don't have the budget of spending millions (no one could, let's be real), that's not the end of the world. Recycling, wraping things you've bought recently or not (loving the fact of rediscovering things out) is a major bonus for starting a more slow driven life.

My guide to #SELFCAREXMAS:

1. Treat yourself by reading your favorite books (warm and fuzzy for the season)
2. Treat yourself by spending more alone time with yourself
3. Treat yourself by gifting yourself with things you've always wanted
4. Wrap things up with leftovers packaging, magazines, poches
5. Write down sweet quotes, words, letters to read when you're feeling low



October 6, 2019

5 things to get through grey weather blues

1. Get your tea and coffee fix. 

You all know that I could really get myself going crazy with Starbucks... I'm not a coffee girl, but as someone said to me, you learn to like coffee when you grow up. And that's a fact. I can call Starbucks my second home (plus it's 5 blocks away from where I'm working, and it's on my way back home, so it does not help getting away with it). It's been months since I get the same drink, but lately I decided to spice things up to match the season.


1. Ask for a TALL Americano (ask it to pour it in your reusable cup if you have one)
2. Ask for having it iced (my personal fave)
3. Ask for coconut milk
4. Ask for ONE pump pumpkin spice syrup

2. Style hunt for comfy sweaters.

It's fall time - aka sweater weather - one of my favorite things to wear this season. Weither you're apple picking, chilling at home with a blanket, or going out with family and friends, this clothing item is one of a staple !

Here are some that I really like.;55,355,610,810à-manches-bouffantes-p09598119.html?v1=19655962&v2=1281565

3. Binge-watch your favorite shows.

For those who don't like 'singing in the rain' (running joke), fall is the perfect time to start watching new tv shows, or just recap your current and all time favorite shows.
Plus, new episodes are added at this time of the year. It seems like back to school Netflix.

4. Try Instagram worthy recipes.

Find inspiration everywhere. IG included. If you like comfort food, highly recommend to check out Fredderike on her blog and on social medias. She makes mouthwatering food that I need to try.

5. Start summer planning.

Who said it was too early to start planning your summer escapes ? Being an early bird for that have many tops including
- escape for cheaper
- bring a little bit of summer glow to your rainy days

There you go, you're ready to slam grey weather blues.

What's your top 5 things to get through fall folks?



May 12, 2019

I have a thing for cafés #2

Hello, hi, good afternoon babes!

It has literally been quite a while since I've not been writing sweet food talks here... And I've been missing it! 
If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen that I've been reconnecting with my all time favorite thing to do as a passion: discovering new FOOD places.

Today, I'm writing this post from my sofa and my mouth is currently watering with all that good food in front of me.

Here is a combination of new cute discoveries and some of my favorite places to chill with friends.

Do not hesite to share yours in the comment, I'm curious to know where you like to spend great time on any occasion.

Leaving you with some pictures. ❤


April 22, 2019

Spring selection - What to wear this year?

Spring has sprung babes, and it's getting warmer everyday. Here are some clothing pieces that are kinda in this spring and summer. A lot of neutral colours - which I love - and very easy breathy silhouettes. So excited to get my hands on a few of these gorgeous fashion pieces.
© collage made with Canva - pictures from Pinterest


January 4, 2019

How to make perfect chocolate chip cookies

Hey friends, I've been really liking making classic american cookies lately. Winter has come and it's the perfect time to make yummy (not that healthy lol) comforting recipes.

It's been a long time since I've done one here so I figured it could be fun just talking about how I personnaly bake one of my favorite american delight.

Cookies are quite a thing for me because it's probably the thing that made me slowly fall in love with chocolate. Funny fact throw here, I've never been a chocolate kind of girl. Too sweet for a salty tooth kid.

January 1, 2019

18 things I've learned in 2018.

It's finally here, 2019 baby.

This past year have been pretty rich and full of things that made me feel pretty grateful in some way. I've learned  so much about me myself and I, or about people that just surrounded myself. Good or not that good. But you know the drill with new years retrospective: you kinda try to look back on your year, what the f* it has brought you and just basically what you have learn through every single situation.


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