March 21, 2021

A love letter to my body.

"To my dearest body,
I don't really know where to start but I will by saying you are strong, and beautiful. Life experiences may have made you even more tough. And even if until this day, when I'm writing you these few lines, you don't know all your potential, keep in mind that some brighter days are slowly coming around the corner. 
I haven't treated you the kindest since the past few years but I promise I'm getting better at this.
I sometimes felt like I didn't deserve you at all, trying to sabotage everything you were. Please forgive me for all the bullshit I gave you."

February 28, 2021

Latest snapshots #2

Hi friends, I hope you're great ! 💛

There are quite loads of pictures I've been keeping in my camera roll lately, some  (for the most part) that I did wanna share over here.

Mainly food, because I love to cook actually, and also because I feel like my instagram story is all about that topic lately. Not that I don't feel comfortable sharing this type of content on the gram on a daily basis, but it's just that I don't like over spamming.

One more thing : Sometimes I take time to walk around my neighbourhood (or a little bit further in the big city) so I'm putting that here as well.

I hope you like this mini content series on my blog, and make sure to leave me notes on what your latest discoveries are.


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