September 29, 2020

How to get ready for fall weather + Neutral knitwear selection


Hey friends! Greeting from my sofa where I'm writing these few lines. I woke up this morning wanting to talk a little about what to do, and how to deal with this sudden weather situation shift going on. I'm not the biggest all shiny and bright sunshine weather kind of girl even though I've got some hot island blood running through my veins. 

Yes, that's right, fall is probably my favourite season: hot cocoas, fuzzy and warm sweaters and brown-ish colours usually make me happy.

Anyways, I don't know if you are one of a kind who like to read real life talks on blogs or on the internet but that's what I like to read the most actually, so let's get going, + if if you could find some few tips and tricks to deal with the ongoing global climat (avoiding any shitty pandemic talks because I feel like this is not the right place to write about it and because I'm nobody in this world to judge anyone or anything AND to be overdramatic about everything - indeed I am already like so in real life) to make the next months a bit warmer to our hearts.

Last year, on pretty much the same period, I gave you my 5 tips to get through grey weather blues, and here we go again :) 

1. Skip on your icy drinks and get yourself a fall treat. 

Hot drinks and sweet talks are the best combo ever. Plus it feels like it is more chilly and freezy already (way too soon if you ask me but whatevs) so my body cannot handle iced teas and iced coffees anymore.

2. Try to avoid black, grey or any other cold tones. 

I know those are staples and go with everything - trust me, I know what you're thinking because I'm a huge fan of grey and I am probably going to end up wearing dark tints very often - and get your hands on warmer tints. Light shades bring light and sweetness to your outfit and it personally make my skin less dull. It might sound silly but it also influence my mood and how I feel on a day.

3. Find something creative to make you stay at home. 

Read your favourite books and buy fuzzy novels if that's your thing (it is mine indeed). Painting, writing, creating jewelry pieces, sewing are also some good ways to stay occupied on rainy autumn days.

4. Make your room the nicest place to be.

Light up scented candles that smell fall spices and gingerbread, blankets and big fluffy pillows are out!

5. Go get yourself comfy sweaters. 

Here's my selection for this season, a little update:


There you have it friends, really hope you'll find it helpful in some way. Take good care of you and your loved ones.

Until next time,



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