October 25, 2020

Birthday girl!

I just turned 23 friends!!! 💃

Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to share some bits and pieces of my day. It's been a pretty rough and weird year, we all know that. But things also went down for me and rushed everything when the timing was not the best. I guess the right thing to tell yourself is that YES, things do crush your mindset when you don't want to, but it is usually worth it and it gets lighter then.

Writing you these lines makes me happy I guess, and I hope whether you take it one way or another, this might be helpful.

Anyways, I leave you with some of the memories I've made and things I've captured during this day.

Recap & what I've learned : 

- Shopping spree (bought myself 2 rings, sentimental reason, I wanted something just for me, something to wear as a reminder that I'm worth it, strong enough to rise up again and to stand for what matters to me.)

- Treat yourself first because no one else is gonna bother do it for you.

- Always be more creative. I wanted a specific cake, like the ones you see allover Pinterest, so I made it. It turned out being perfect to me, just the way I wanted it to be. Plus it tasted incredible. Recipe from @laguinguettedangele & @camcham_ but added more chocolate and my favourite toppings : chantilly cream frosting, strawberries, raspberries. Tell me if you want the recipe also over here :)

- Family is just the best thing to have right by your side.

- Spend quality time with friends while respecting "gestes barrières".

I hope you had a great day, I'm already planning to celebrate my birthday every weekend for the next month, up until xmas season (and can't wait to have my single date night dinner with myself).

One last thing before I go: Appreciate time by yourself, it's gold. 💛 



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