December 30, 2016

American vibes in Las Americas

In the last blog post, I was telling you a bit about my Tenerife trip. I just come back and I have a lot to share with you. This island stole my heart and my head is full of increadible memories I'm excited to show you!!

We arrived on Monday 19th. Yet we first decided to explore our neighborhood next to the marina and golf del sur, it was pretty quickly done..
We stayed at the Aguamarina Golf Resort Hotel and had a very pleasant week. It's located near the ocean and let me tell you, we did great great walks by the bay! (side note: perfect neighborhood to discover if you are with your lover <3).

So, on Thursday, we were ready to explore more! We took the free bus from our hotel (we had to make a reservation since a lot of people wanted to take it) and we head off to the famous district of Las Americas. My first impression when we arrived was that it reminded me of Miami Beach mixed with maybe a hint of Beverly hills kind of vibe!

It was very chill, everyone was wearing comfy clothes and you couldn't tell it was christmas season here lol. This district is very poular so the place was fairly overcrowded (for me) but it was really easy to walk on the streets at the end.
If you are looking for shopping, you won't be disipointed cause this neighborhood is full of little souvenirs shops but also you can fall on big ones like Mango or Zara.
Cute little cafés and places to eat seafood and drink cocktails, near the beach of course.


December 26, 2016

Cold to warm

Hey friends! I am back after christmas to share with you my outfit. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I had the chance to escape the freaking chilly Paris with my family to discover new landscapes in the Canary islands. Since I've been really busy with school lately, I think my parents decided to let me breathe out a little bit before starting next year on fast mode.

I've already been there but this time we stayed in an other island called Tenerife. And let me tell you, Tenerife was LIT. Gorgeous landscapes and probably one of the most beautiful one I've ever seen in my life. You'll see it by yourself cause some articles will be up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that.

First day we arrived, it was pretty hot outside (around 23°C) so coming from a cold weather I was really excited to get rid of my big coats and knitted stuff for one week.


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