February 28, 2018

My secrets to long & strong nails

If you guys see me in person or if you know me personally, you might notice my long nails. Not to throw myself flowers or anything, I happened to have pretty strong and long nails. And as far back I can remember, my girl friends were wondering how the hell I managed to keep them strong and shiny.

After 10 years of keeping my secrets (not really a secret thing actually), I'm finally revealling my top tips to get the same nails as me!

I swear, you'll be surprised to know what I do to my nails (as kind of a routine thing) and you might be disappointed even. I hope you'll find it helpful though!

February 23, 2018

Girl talk #1 - How to be confident having small boobs + shopping selection

© collage made with Canva - pictures from Pinterest & ASOS

Okay, we're getting real deep folks... Just small kidding 🙊 When talking about self confidence, personal image is always coming first as a major issue for people, and especially for girls: I bet you don't know anyone in your girls squad who have nothing she would like to change physically. Whether we are complaining about our imaginary belly fat or the fact that we shouldn't have pimples on our face since age puberty (yes, it seems like pimples do like throwing parties on our face)... Ugh, human being can be so silly and self-centered. I'm not here to make you feel like you are a bad person. Not at all, let's be real here, I'm also complaining a LOT in one day. It's pretty scary indeed.

Enough talking about general girl probs. If you're here, it might be because you have the same attribut as me. See here? I'm not talking about an "issue". Self confidence starts here: stop considering your body parts you are not a huge fan of as problems. And you know the drill: we always find solutions!

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