February 17, 2016


Back to the city of love again. My boyfriend and I were "happy" to see our bright and lovely city after a couple of weeks since we were in Rennes. Same coldness here and there, we were kinda freezing while we were shooting for this look.. (the reason why my face and entire body look like a hard stone of ice.)

Thanks to this wonderful weather !! #joking and by the way, i'm wearing my new faux-leather pants from Jennyfer that I got while I was in Rennes.


February 13, 2016

NYC fashion week x Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the entire world, that helps people find, create and plan events. It was launched in 2006 and the headquarters are located in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

I'm not used to talk about fashion in terms of fancy events here on my blog but the opportunity has came to me.
Indeed, last week, I've been contacted by one of the back office staff of the NYC Fashion Week. Crazy, no ?! I'm laterally so excited to share this first official experience with you guys because nothing of that would happened to me if you wouldn't be here, reading me.

Fashion has always been a big big big source of inspiration since I was just a little girl. It is for sure my favorite thing to talk about in the entire world. #realgirlthoughts
It is something that is part of my life since forever. :)
I obviously remember dreaming  about being on fashion shows and being in the front row since being a kid.
Which little girl (or boy if you like fashion as much as we all do) wouldn't be thrilled for that to happen ?! In real life and not only in fairytales ?!
I've always been believing that one day I'd work in the fashion industry. #samegoal

Every years, brands and fashion designers are creating new clothing pieces to add to their upcoming collections:
- Fall/Winter
- Spring/Summer
It is the occasion for them to let their own fashion spirit take the advantage of their mind so they could show off their own personality.

I'm kind of an everyday girl and I'm still learning to expend my fashion sense but I think Fashion Weeks are very interesting if you are an open-minded person and if you want to see fashion by an other point of view.

As I was telling you guys, I'm more of a fast fashion girl, I don't like to spend a lot (because obviously I don't have the money to afford me some Marc Jacobs designer purse) BUT i still believe that it is always great to leave just for a moment our comfort zone and to take risks and life as it goes.

And for those who think (like I did before learning a little bit more fashion week subject) that these kind of events are only for higher end fashion personality, I would say that fashion is an art and like any other arts out there, it is for everyone, no exception due.


February 10, 2016

La Burger Attitude #foodcrush

Aujourd'hui je vous parle en français sur le blog. C'est une première non ?! Parler de mode en anglais avec mes looks c'est toujours d'actualité, par contre pour vous faire découvrir des restos sympathiques je préfère vous partager cela en français. Et puis c'est plus facile hein !

Je vous met quand même la traduction en anglais pour les habitués ou les petits curieux qui se seraient égarés en chemin... :)

Revenons au sujet de l'article d'aujourd'hui. Hier, avec mon chéri, nous avons décidé de retourner diner au LBA, un petit restaurant de burger situé dans la charmante ville qu'est Rennes (étant de passage chez mon chéri).

Nous y étions déjà allés dès mon arrivée la semaine dernière et je vous avouerai que j'ai été conquise !

Pour que ça soit plus simple pour vous - et pour moi - je vais noter plusieurs critères sur une échelle de 1 à 10. Inutile de vous préciser que mon avis va être plus que positif puisque je ne parle que de mes coups de coeur. A quoi bon vous parler d'un truc que je n'ai pas aimé ?!

Avant toute chose, n'oubliez pas que mon avis reste subjectif. Les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discute pas :)


February 8, 2016

Sparkly sneakers @André

Today, i'd like to introduce you to my new pair of shoes in my wardrobe: sneakers. I was kind of a heel girl, a girl who likes lady's shoes. I like being a little bit taller as i'm on the smaller side.
But lately one of my obsession has to be sneakers.

I think you guys will see them pretty often over here because i really like them a lot ! I bought them maybe like a couple of days ago and i'm already in loveeee !!! I saw them everywhere and their style caught my eyes. Very original with the sparkly touch, they go well with barely anything.

They are from the store @André if you'd like to get them. #greatdeal :)


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