October 10, 2020

How to deal with stress & anxiety

ANXIETY. Probably one of the main things that keep me locked in on a daily basis.

I thought it could be somewhat helpful (for me and maybe for those of you who are also battling up with this very annoying and nerve racking issue) to have a talk about this on here, and especially regarding what the world is going through right now.

To give you a short backstory, I've always been quite of an introverted kid, dealing with quite a few scares but I guess that's the same for everybody. 

Events of your childhood are things that stays and have an impact on how you grow, even though you generally don't pay attention to them. It even feels (well "we" feel) normal at the time, and it can takes many years to understand that it is not.

Growing up, I started developing more and more scares. Some that were pretty average but some that really got me on my worst self.

Pigeons, underwater and water, spiders, water bridges, looking at the sky... you name it. More recently : long distance plane travels, vomiting, having every disease on earth, house bugs, and also social environment.

It's a lot, and you can also top it all off with hyper sensitivity (which is different of being hyper emotive).

I would smell one thing and I automatically get nauseous, or I would stop eating things quickly because my body wouldn't take it. That's what happened last summer in Canada, could not eat one thing that was not raw salad (no avocados, no cherry tomatoes, no cheese, no fancy dressing). I am a HUGE iced tea and other drinks you can find at Starbucks and Boba places, that time it was not doing it for me. I would get so frustrated.

Since then, I started to control everything possible. And this have made my life much more stressful than it have ever been.

2020. Sanitary crisis. Trying to manage my feelings.

These are the things that helped me going through hard and confusing times. Really hope this could help you too:

1. Find a distraction

Number one thing I would tell you is to find yourself a  distraction, something that you like and could keep you busy. Creative things works best for me because it is one less (shitty) thing I don't think when I'm creating something: it can be playing music, writing, painting, cooking, whatever you feel great doing it. I personally drawn my mind in music, that have helped a lot as a therapy.

2. Take time for yourself OFTEN

When you have no one there for you anymore, you must find some peace spending time alone, with yourself. You and nobody else can understand what your feelings are but you. You are your best friend and your enemy at the same time, but please make sure to treat yourself with kindness. 

Go on dates with yourself, eat by yourself, go walk with yourself. It may be weird or a bit scary but it feels GREAT, I promise. I'm planning to do this more actually.

3. Have a little self-care routine

Some would take the lines above as a self-care routine, but I think you should try out things and figure out what works best for you, and what you feel comfortable doing. Don't go hiking if you hate walking long distances, don't force yourself with a massive beauty regimen if you are not a big fan of spending an hour in your bathroom before running off to bed.

Beauty lovers like me, I'm preparing a skincare talk really soon. Stay tuned!

4. Put your body, soul and mind on pause

When things get complicated for you, maybe try taking a break from social media. It's a major anxiety prone platform and you should disconnect from it once in a while, when you feel the need to.

There you have it friends,

Share your tips in the comments, it could help others.



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