December 11, 2022

Carrot cake, chit chat, and on the road to 2023

Hello friends,

It feels like forever since I've talked to you around here.

Actually, it has been forever !!

First thing I wanna know is how has life been since the beginning of 2022 ?

Let me know in the comments, would really like to know all the deets ✨

If you've been familiar with my latest posts, you know that 2021 was quite a year and I've cane to a place where I prioritized my wellness and myself over exposing things on the internet.

When I was ready to fully embrace my life, the universe (or life if you are more down to earth) decided to throw me some opportunitie.

I got a job on early 2022.

Things are still going strong and im so extremely grateful for that.

Anyways, that is the reason (one of the main ones tbh) of why i didn't post this year.

Metro boulot dodo friends family and me time vibes ☺️

You know I started sharing outfit posts but that I prefer sharing tips and inspire at least one person on the planet. 

As much as I love to talk to you about clean and green beauty (deformation pro sorry honey), this takes a lot of time testing products.

Don't worry for those of you that appreciate this type of content, things are coming in 2023.

In the mean time, I am hapsce to get back (slowly) with the latest baking sessing I did today.

This is totally impromptu and im not mad about it.

Baking : your classic but make it healthier carrot cake 🤎


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