July 8, 2017

Rocking that crocodile

 Hey folks! I've been wanting to change my style a little these past few weeks. Don't know if that is because I'm closer to fashion since the beginning of the year or if I'm just in a phase where I am kinda overwhelmed in wearing super bright and exentric garnement pieces.
Also, I'm switching on basic things that are easy to style and allows many many posibilities. Fun fact, I am still a huge graphic tee lover. Guess basic things are the best option for me.


July 5, 2017

Playground + How to style v-neck (update)

Hey friends! 
I hope you are having a blast wherever you are. I'm still in Paris at the moment but probably in wanderlust pretty soon. Can't wait to dive in the ocean and chill in the sun with a mojito.
Today, I was in a joyful mood. Can you tell it by the outfit?
If you have seen one of my latest blog post you are familiar with the fact that I don't usually wear v-neck cut. I have so many ways to style and spice up a basic tee. Maybe you'd like to know more on how to glam up basic fashion pieces?


July 2, 2017

Baguette on sundays

This was so not expected friends. I was just out for a walk to buy french bread. Typical sunday evening like lol. This look is the reflexion of my sunday mood after picking up flowers and bread for dinner. Simplicity is key because let's be real babes, sunday mornings are the lazy ones. Just grabbing the most comfy to get your head out of bed but, still playing with crazy pieces cause you know, it's sunday!


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