July 29, 2020

Skincare favourites: products I've been using lately

Hey babes, I hope you're doing great! Time for a beauty talk, since I've switched beauty products about a couple of months back.
For those who've been reading this blog for a little while, you already know that I am a skincare girlie.
And with my latest experiences, this has only grown more and more.
Here is what I've been loving to use lately, in the order of my everyday routine, hair and face edition:

- OH MY CREAM Cleansing balm: one of my all time favourite to remove any oils left on my face (makeup, pollution), works AF plus it glides onto your skin like legit oily butter and smells amazing. Highly recommend!

- PATYKA Detox cleansing foam: I was one of the kind who thought foamy textures would dry my skin out and make it feel itchy. But this one is very gentle and light. One full pump and that's basically it. You're skin is soft right after and feels clean without it looking like sandpaper.

- SUZANNE KAUFMANN Face fluid Line F: Does the job right, not the best I've ever tried but I had it on my shelves to use. It's great though if you have oily skin because it's super lightweight on your skin.

- EGYPTIAN MAGIC All-purpose skin cream: This is the ONE beauty product to have in your purse. I've been using it for everything: hair, lips, and zits. The compo is very clean and minimalist and this cream will last you a long time.

- JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS Sea salt spray: perfect when I want to space up my shampoos, or if I want to give my hair that beachy wave texture. Careful though, a tiny tiny bit goes a long way or less it gets a bit sticky.

There you have it babes, have you tried one of them already?




  1. Say hiiii ! ��
    Je n'utilise pas grand chose pour la peau à part de la crème et de l'huile d'avocat, je be connaissais pas ces marques, bonne découverte ��

    1. hello et merci pour ton retour, ravie de te lire :) l'huile d'avocat est top également hyper nourrissante. Contente que mon ce beauty talk t'ai plu ! xx



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