December 2, 2018

Aussie adventures - travel diary

FINALLY folks! I'm happy to share my australian adventures after many month of dealing with crapy thing when it comes to editing this video.

Seeing this makes me a little nostalgic, I probably lived the best times of my life overseas.

It's not perfect of course but I really hope you will enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: I don't know what is up with the quality on desktop so you might watch this little clip on your smartphone.



October 28, 2018

October 10, 2018


French word, meaning spontaneous. This is what this outfit shooting session was like. I actually find that the best clichés are the ones that were not planned out.

I really find myself enjoying on-the go-things, it's like I'm constantly looking for small hiding things that could easily make my life much more bright and beautiful.
I am not one who's used to speak out about important things in life in a short run of time but I feel that I'm slowly changing, evolving. Like anybody else by the way.

Living with few things, but things that makes you happy. Here is something I try to take seriously. This is the same for fashion pieces. You know I've always wore the same fashion items over here (and if you also see me in person on a everyday life) but the thing is that you are always comparing yourself to the others, and especially on what you see on supermodels or else on Instagram. Wearing cutesy outfit just for the gram. But at the end of the day, Is That Really You ? Or you wanna wear it because everyone else does?

I've been quite M.I.A on social medias lately and I think that's one of a reason why. I still love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you friends but sometimes you just feel the need to take unexpected breaks.

So enough of "impromptu" talks, here is the result of a VERY candid outfit picture session. Hope you'll like it folks!


September 23, 2018

How to get better skin

Hey babes, it's been way too long I haven't write over here... I didn't have that much time these past few weeks with my Aussie trip (a travel diary video is slowly coming by the way) and my internship debut. If you are wondering, I'm currently working in the beauty industry, and it's so much FUN.

If you guys know me, you know that even if I love beauty things and makeup, I don't do to much on my face 95% of the time. I like to look as natural as possible because I'm always afraid of putting way to much makeup on. So my face is literally bare as a baby butt everyday, and to be honest, I kinda love my natural face.

I've been quite lucky not to ever have acne or a lot of imperfections, and so I've never took time to clean my face properly. And after my trip to Australia this summer, I've noticed that my skin was changing a LOT, I mean I had dilated pores and more imperfections. I was quite surprised on how bad my skin complexion was at this time. And then I start my internship and I've made my skin diagnosis. Now I know more about my skin type: Normal to dry, and the girls told me that my skin problems were due to a lack or a bad cleansing routine!

So I've completely changed my skincare routine and products and since then I've noticed quite of a difference. My skin is looking better and glowy!

June 9, 2018

Greeting from Crete - travel diary

Greetings loves! We are officially back in Paris, and to be honest with you guys, I'm kind of sad to be back and to be leaving the amazing views, landscapes and people we have met there. 
This post is very special to me because it's actually my first time doing a vlogging format.

Everything to know about this trip is listed in the description box of the video (on youtube).

Make sure to tell me what you think, I would really appreciate to know your thoughts on it to make the next ones even better! :) 

Have you ever been there by the way? If not you should totally go and if yes, tell me more in the comments on your journey


May 22, 2018

Summer dresses selection

With the summer days slowly coming up and the sun gently peaking through, I'm one of them girls who likes to go shopping to prepare the ultimate / perfect closet for summer. If you guys follow me on my social medias (shared a hint on where I'm going soon), you might know that I'm taking a small but great staycation in a beautiful country! Preping my Instagram clichés for you friends.  
Anyways, I still have to deal with my upcoming exams session next week. But I can already tell you my mind is out there under the palmtrees lol 🙋 Can't wait to get my tan on!!

1. HERE / 2. HERE / 3. HERE
4. HERE / 5. HERE / 6. HERE

My favourites are number 3, 5 and 6. But I'm not that great of a great picker since they're all gorgeous. Which one(s) would you pick? :) 

LOVE. xx


March 19, 2018

Nice places to eat in Paris - burgers vs healthy food

This is the number one post you might have been waited for!
Hi friends! Today I'm coming back to talk to you about my latest food crushes... I bet you were looking for some new spots to eat at... 🙋
And eventualy, it seems that my reputation have made me THE person to go to when you need to find where to eat. Thank you to my schoolmates who literally run to me for food advice. Will I become a dead-end food blogger? Wait a minute, I love discovering food so much so I guess I could.

Anyways! For now, it's just us talking and sharing our favorites food places, on a style blog.. ! You found the trick?

Enough blabbering now, let's just hop right into it. Oh and I forgot, you also might get hungry while seeing and reading this... Still here? I would have warned you. Don't give me wrong if you run to one of these places to go get you a burger! 🍔🍟

SPOT 1: BUNS Paris
Type of food: Burgers & Burger Bowls (fries are not homemade but the taste of the burger will make you forget about it fast)
Personal favorite: the classic Double BUN burger. With fries of course.
Prices: Lunch menu at 9.90 for the classic one patty and 12.90 for the double (double cheese and double patty = double fat but double goodness). 
The place: 8 rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris

March 8, 2018

February 28, 2018

My secrets to long & strong nails

If you guys see me in person or if you know me personally, you might notice my long nails. Not to throw myself flowers or anything, I happened to have pretty strong and long nails. And as far back I can remember, my girl friends were wondering how the hell I managed to keep them strong and shiny.

After 10 years of keeping my secrets (not really a secret thing actually), I'm finally revealling my top tips to get the same nails as me!

I swear, you'll be surprised to know what I do to my nails (as kind of a routine thing) and you might be disappointed even. I hope you'll find it helpful though!

February 23, 2018

Girl talk #1 - How to be confident having small boobs + shopping selection

© collage made with Canva - pictures from Pinterest & ASOS

Okay, we're getting real deep folks... Just small kidding 🙊 When talking about self confidence, personal image is always coming first as a major issue for people, and especially for girls: I bet you don't know anyone in your girls squad who have nothing she would like to change physically. Whether we are complaining about our imaginary belly fat or the fact that we shouldn't have pimples on our face since age puberty (yes, it seems like pimples do like throwing parties on our face)... Ugh, human being can be so silly and self-centered. I'm not here to make you feel like you are a bad person. Not at all, let's be real here, I'm also complaining a LOT in one day. It's pretty scary indeed.

Enough talking about general girl probs. If you're here, it might be because you have the same attribut as me. See here? I'm not talking about an "issue". Self confidence starts here: stop considering your body parts you are not a huge fan of as problems. And you know the drill: we always find solutions!

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