April 4, 2020

First time making sweet potato loaf bread!

Hey friends, I really hope you're safe at home in this lockdown. I know this period is not the best or easiest one but we're all in this together right ?!
Since a lot of things have changed since the beginning of the year, I thought it could be great to write a little bit more, at least when the time feels good, over here.
If you follow me on my social medias (link of my gram on the side, we're having fun there too), you know that I'm a huge eater, and a food enthusiast. lately I've been making a lot of sweet treats and I find it quite time passing when you can't go outside to protect others.

I've updated my banana bread recipe since then so make sure to check things out if you are a banana bread lovers as I am, but in the mean time, here's my own twist on a healthy (but comforting) sweet potato loaf bread / aka another way to spice up your basic boring sweet potato.

Make sure to tell me if you've tried it, I'm super curious :)

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