February 23, 2018

Girl talk #1 - How to be confident having small boobs + shopping selection

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Okay, we're getting real deep folks... Just small kidding 🙊 When talking about self confidence, personal image is always coming first as a major issue for people, and especially for girls: I bet you don't know anyone in your girls squad who have nothing she would like to change physically. Whether we are complaining about our imaginary belly fat or the fact that we shouldn't have pimples on our face since age puberty (yes, it seems like pimples do like throwing parties on our face)... Ugh, human being can be so silly and self-centered. I'm not here to make you feel like you are a bad person. Not at all, let's be real here, I'm also complaining a LOT in one day. It's pretty scary indeed.

Enough talking about general girl probs. If you're here, it might be because you have the same attribut as me. See here? I'm not talking about an "issue". Self confidence starts here: stop considering your body parts you are not a huge fan of as problems. And you know the drill: we always find solutions!

To place things in their context, I'm not the girl who is very chested. I don't have the biggest boobs at all but I do have the chance to have girl friends having pretty much the same morphology up there. So I guess it kinda helps. Growing up, I remember seeing other girls who were on the other side (let's just call them that way). The one with bigger boobs. It was in middle school. And you know at this time of life, children can be rude. I'm not saying I was some what dealing with bullying but I was not at the top of the body loving thing.

Now that I'm getting "older" (yes I know I'm only 20), I learned to play with the things that are not the ones I used to be confident with; and let me tell you it's starting to get better.

Having smaller boobs do have quite a few advantages:

N°1: it doesn't hurt when you are running
N°2: you can DEFINITELY leave the home without wearing a bra
N°3: you have less back issues
N°4: you might avoid breast cancer
N°5: you have the cutest bralette options when you want to get a little bit fancy or when you just want to wear underwear.
N°6: you can save a lot of money ! We all know how expensive bras are..

There's actually a TON of cool things about having small boobs. See, it's been a little more than 4 months that I left my bras in the back of my wardrobe. Tell me by the way if you'd like to hear about my NO BRA journey? And if you girlz already part of the FREE BOOBS squad?

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N°1: don't be afraid to wear low cut tops, lucky you: this will never be vulgar
N°2: play with textures and materials
N°3: play with sheerness and wear your cute bralettes underneath
N°4: play with lacy underwear and show it off by wearing V-cut sweater, it adds a dainty and feminine look to your outfit

Now you and your boobies are gonna be friends for life ! And I swear you'll never look them - wishing they were bigger - again ♡




  1. Having small boobs has a lots of advantages!
    The team Itty Bitty Titty Committee is the best! 🖤

    1. It does !! thank you for your comment lovely Laura. xx

  2. Not have to wear a bra is the best.
    Also never need to deal with the gravity issue you know

    1. yeah I totally know what you're talking about haha ! thanks for your comment lovely ! xx

  3. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to undertand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not tht good. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well! OneJav



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