September 23, 2018

How to get better skin

Hey babes, it's been way too long I haven't write over here... I didn't have that much time these past few weeks with my Aussie trip (a travel diary video is slowly coming by the way) and my internship debut. If you are wondering, I'm currently working in the beauty industry, and it's so much FUN.

If you guys know me, you know that even if I love beauty things and makeup, I don't do to much on my face 95% of the time. I like to look as natural as possible because I'm always afraid of putting way to much makeup on. So my face is literally bare as a baby butt everyday, and to be honest, I kinda love my natural face.

I've been quite lucky not to ever have acne or a lot of imperfections, and so I've never took time to clean my face properly. And after my trip to Australia this summer, I've noticed that my skin was changing a LOT, I mean I had dilated pores and more imperfections. I was quite surprised on how bad my skin complexion was at this time. And then I start my internship and I've made my skin diagnosis. Now I know more about my skin type: Normal to dry, and the girls told me that my skin problems were due to a lack or a bad cleansing routine!

So I've completely changed my skincare routine and products and since then I've noticed quite of a difference. My skin is looking better and glowy!

Enough talking, here's the products I've been using these past 3 weeks before going to bed:

- *OH MY CREAM Huile démaquillante (cleansing oil): this cleansing oil is perfect for the ones who loves oily textures. Part of the double-nettoyage (double cleansing) method and the 3GE (essential steps by OH MY CREAM). For every skin types even oily ones. I like the fact that the oils totally melt down all the pollution and impurities and also waterproof makeup!

- *OH MY CREAM Gelée démaquillante (cleansing gel): perfect for the bad skin days. Begins to treat the little imperfections and other blemishes. I switch it with a more gentle and hydrating cleanser like the Camelia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser by PAI SKINCARE made for dry skin if I want more comfort.

- *OH MY CREAM Poudre exfoliante (exfoliating powder): 2/3 times a week. Love the fact that it softly exfoliates my skin with the fruit enzymes inside it.

- *OH MY CREAM Huile correctrice (correcting face oil): my last step and probably my favorite... perfect to treat your little imperfections, and it makes your skin glowy and hydrated. Don't worry, it's also perfect if you have oily skin!

- *PAI SKINCARE Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil: if I don't use the correcting oil by OH MY CREAM, I use this one. I love how it makes my skin smooth and glowy!

*all these products are available in travel size :-)

And then you're good to go to sleep.

In the morning, it's much more simple, quick & easy: Water spray + 3/4 drops of the PAI SKINCARE oil and I'm at the door!🙋


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