March 19, 2018

Nice places to eat in Paris - burgers vs healthy food

This is the number one post you might have been waited for !
Hi friends ! Today I'm coming back to talk to you about my latest food crushes... I bet you were looking for some new spots to eat at... 🙋
And eventualy, it seems that my reputation have made me THE person to go to when you need to find where to eat. Thank you to my schoolmates who literally run to me for food advice. Will I become a dead-end food blogger ? Wait a minute, I love discovering food so much so I guess I could.

Anyways ! For now, it's just us talking and sharing our favorites food places, on a style blog.. ! You found the trick ?

Enough blabbering now, let's just hop right into it. Oh and I forgot, you also might get hungry while seeing and reading this... Still here ? I would have warned you. Don't give me wrong if you run to one of these places to go get you a burger ! 🍔🍟

SPOT 1: BUNS Paris
Type of food: Burgers & Burger Bowls (fries are not homemade but the taste of the burger will make you forget about it fast)
Personal favorite: the classic Double BUN burger. With fries of course.
Prices: Lunch menu at 9.90 for the classic one patty and 12.90 for the double (double cheese and double patty = double fat but double goodness). 
The place: 8 rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris

SPOT 2: Numéro 220
Type of food: Weekly fresh-made healthy dishes
Personal favorite: I have a crush on their soup with the salted scone, I had the ceasar salad once and that was legit goodness. But be aware that the menu is changing every week so it might not be the place for you if you are not a huge super healthy and original dishes enthusiast.
Prices: Lunch menu at 12 for a salad or a soup + scone and a dessert or a drink. Around 10 for a dish. Desserts and drinks are nearly about 4.
The place: 220 rue Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris

SPOT 3: Five Guys
Type of food: the world famous fast food that comes from the united states ! Apparently, it's Mr Obama's favorite, and I would say that I pretty much agree with that. One of my favorites too. 
Personal favorite: I usually get serious when it comes to my eating choice there: I've never got the little cheesburger or burger (with only one patty) but always got me the regular cheesburger (fun fact: the regular has a double patty) with a classic yet "can't go wrong" combo: grilled onions, raw onions, salad, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and ketchup ! + got to have my french fries (small fries goes for two persons usually)
Prices: That's probably why this Five Guys is not my ultimate favorite... It gets pretty fast and easily expensive if you take a shake or a soft drink (around 17 euros).
The place: There's several spots but my fav is the one near Opera. 17/19 Boulevard des Capucines, 75002 Paris. 

SPOT 4: Dice Poké Sharpers
Type of food: Poké bowls (hawaian street-food)
Personal favorite: Personalized poké bowl with brown rice, salmon, veggies and the coco lime dressing.
Prices: About 10 euros for the small poké but it's totally good for small to medium eater.
The place: 178 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

SPOT 5: Blend
Type of food: Gourmet burgers
Personal favorite: I've already tasted two of their burgers: the cheesy one and the west. And honestly, even if I am a HUGE burger enthusiast, the grilled cheese burger (known there as the West) is just insanely heaven. I'm literally craving this right now... Plus, you must try the sweet potato fries, they're amazing: probably the best one I've ever taste. 
Prices: From 16.90 to 19 euros for the menu. You might think it's not so cheap but to be honest, it's pretty much the same prices as Five Guys, and it's wayyyy better !
The place: Several spots as well but my fave has to be the Beaumarchais one. 1 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris

I also wanted to talk to you about another burger place that I recently discovered but here's the short story: I planned to take my bestfriend there on monday for lunch but big fail - the school schedule has changed and we have class the entire afternoon so impossible. With that, I can't have a burger and fries AND a gram ! So the Blend lunch is reported on wednesday (hopefully lol). But, don't worry I'm saving that for the next blog post about food spots in the city of love (or I will add it here, don't know yet)! Plus, let's be honnest you friends, I'm sure you already have a ton of great spots ! Can't wait to know some of yours in the comments ?! Talk to you soon.




  1. Totally putting these adresses in my notebook! Is is normal that I crave more the soup than any burger ? haha xx

    1. Yes ! we should go taste the soup together ! xx

    2. Girl we have so much to do together it could take us a lifetime. We should start soon lol xx

  2. I'm going to Five Guys after this comment.......

    1. yes girllll ! have you ever been yet ? would love to hear what are your thoughts on it ! xx

  3. Love this guide! I'm travelling to Paris soon so this will be useful xxx

    1. yes girl ! when are you coming ? let's go together lol xx

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