April 9, 2018

Milan getaway + my (mini) city guide

Those are some of my favortite clichés of my 4-day getaway in Milan with my school. You can find below my mini city guide and where to sip and eat while exploring this cute city.

Hey babes ! How are you? I just got back from an italian getaway about literally a day ago. I'm actually still dealing with the city strikes and jams but I'm slowly coming up.
If you guys don't know, I'm in the middle of my fashion business bachelor and I was able to leave the city of light for a few days and discover the city of Milan. The thing that I was the most excited about was to eat gelato and pizze all day lol ! And of course, taking a whole bunch of pics for you guys!

What to do?
- explore the Duomo area (the famous cathedral of Milan and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II)
- take instagram worthy clichés of the VOGUE magazines on Via Montenapoleone
- visit the Armani Silos Museum (definitely my favorite by far)
- go on a shopping spree (they do have one of the greatest international fast fashion store there)
- walking around the Navigli on a sunday (cute flower markets only opened on sunday)

Where to take a sip?
- Corso como 10: quite on the expensive side but the terrace and view are lovely
- Orso nero caffè: the only coffeshop we attend to go to. The coffee is very good and so inexpensive. Go get the flat white or the mocha, and take a bite of their cornetto (the apricot one was just heaven)!

Where to take a bite?
- Orso nero caffè: perfect place for a cornetto e caffè break.
- Biancolatte: instagram worthy brunch, breakfast and gelato (still dreaming of this pistachio & hazelnut gelato by the way)
- Gelato giusto: originally from NY but they do have one spot in Milan. Their sorbets are delicious and made with natural ingredients. Funny fact: I did eat two gelati in a row (Biancolatte & Gelato giusto)
- Fanwu: so far, the best asian food place I've ever taste! Plus it's cheaper than your regular pasta & pizza and the place is instagram worthy
- God save the food: healthy spot in Milan (grab one of their juices and their fried rice pad thai) but pretty expensive though

We did not had that much time to explore more but anyways, it was a great getaway.
Useful notes before you grab your pasta plates: restaurants don't have tab water so you might have to pay one or two euros for a small waterbottle. Keep it in mind.
You will have to add the service to your bill (coperto: from 1.5 to 3 euros per person depending on the place).

Have you ever been there already? What did you thing of this city? I'm diying to know more on your italian adventures in the comments!




  1. Love these pictures! Milan looks so cool xxx

    1. awww thanks love ! if you are in the area, you should go xx



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