October 10, 2018


French word, meaning spontaneous. This is what this outfit shooting session was like. I actually find that the best clichés are the ones that were not planned out.

I really find myself enjoying on-the go-things, it's like I'm constantly looking for small hiding things that could easily make my life much more bright and beautiful.
I am not one who's used to speak out about important things in life in a short run of time but I feel that I'm slowly changing, evolving. Like anybody else by the way.

Living with few things, but things that makes you happy. Here is something I try to take seriously. This is the same for fashion pieces. You know I've always wore the same fashion items over here (and if you also see me in person on a everyday life) but the thing is that you are always comparing yourself to the others, and especially on what you see on supermodels or else on Instagram. Wearing cutesy outfit just for the gram. But at the end of the day, Is That Really You ? Or you wanna wear it because everyone else does?

I've been quite M.I.A on social medias lately and I think that's one of a reason why. I still love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you friends but sometimes you just feel the need to take unexpected breaks.

So enough of "impromptu" talks, here is the result of a VERY candid outfit picture session. Hope you'll like it folks!

 ZARA Coat / ZARA Jeans / PIMKIE Jumper / MONKI Purse / C&A Scarf / DAISO Socks / ERAM Sneakers

ps: feel free to share unexpected things you've ever done in life (or fashion wise) lately...would love to hear them.
I give you mine - wearing red lipstick for the first time in my life and not give a sh*t of what people can think about it.


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