October 22, 2021

5 things I do to feel good inside & out

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Hi friends, I told you in my most recent post about my desire to share more wellness related content over here. 

Wellness is a big topic these days. Almost one of THE trendy and "that girl" starter kit kind of thing you see on social medias. It can be quite of a struggle for some of us to find that healthy balance between our daily tasks (work, personal life and family duties, friends dates...) and our self mental health.

To set the scene - and so that you can get an idea of where I come from - I was done with 4 years of fashion marketing school, waiting for my graduation and dealing with the last months of internship. Adding a romantic situation shift and trying to figure my life out. All of that really was a mess, an earthquake happening inside my mind and body. After analysing - and crying - everything, I decided it was enough. I started to introspect myself, understand how and why the heck I was feeling the way I did.

I don't know if you are receptive to synchronicities or if you trust the ways of the universe but I do. 

I guess I was way too self-conscious about showing myself as the weird kid wanted to be a mermaid, obsessed with the ocean (but scared of it at the same time lol) talking to the stars and very connected to my intuitions. What's bred in the bone comes out in the flesh I guess!

Here are 5 things I do daily to keep myself balanced : mind, body and soul connected.

1. Express my gratitude every morning

Starting the morning with a conscious, loving and positive mindset is really what made my days brighter. As a very anxious human being, I tend to accumulate quite a lot of lower energies from the environment around me. This helps me to see the glass full and handle what is coming my way through the day. You don't need to be super hard on yourself over it, just take a few moments to feel what you are grateful to have : your body, your strength, good fortune, having a roof over your head, your family and so on. It is very personal indeed, so let things be.

2.Take a break from social medias and grab a book

Not only social medias, but from all types of screen actually : Netflix, Youtube, Instagram. Who else happens to scroll "just a little bit" through Instagram and gets completely lost on for hours? Might be kind of the challenge here for a lot of us, but try to leave your phone away an hour to read a book you like. Also, you can put your device on airplane mode 30min before bed to help calm your mind.

Get your book, your plant infusion and make yourself extra comfy as you snuggle in fuzzy blankets.

3. Meditate and move my body

5 to 10 min in the morning, right when you wake up, or before sleep. I really try to stick to it and practice something to calm my mind, heal my body and soul, stretch my muscles. I love trying yoga flows, low impact workout and mindful meditations I find on the Youtube.

Here are a few of my favourite content creators :

- Yoga With Adrienne

- Yoga With Bird

- Great Meditation

- Bailey Brown

I also recommend doing promenade walks if working out is not your cup of tea - 30 to 45 min breathing and putting my nose outside by myself. Remember : start slow and it shall follow, it is all mindset to get started.

4. Drink matcha

I first thought it was just an influencer drink, the new iced latte. Yes the colour is vibrant green and the taste is very peculiar (if you like green tea you might find it regular) but it is actually really good. I have first started ordering this beverage iced, at Starbies, and then got on a hunt for the best iced matcha in Paris. The tea initially comes from Japan and it became the new hype drink to get at the trendiest coffeeshops, and you already know I spend way too much - time and money - there.

Matcha is expensive - it is a fact - so I thought I would buy the powder green tea and make it at home. My favourite is from Lupicia (great value for money and it tastes the best so far). You can find the recipe on my Instagram profile.

5. Trust my body

Is there anything to add ? Your body is your home, so just learn to listen to it, take good care, and nourish it like it is your baby. This is problaby the hardest yet natural advice on which I really encourage you all to focus everyday of this lifetime. You are gold, keep that in mind, your body will thank you later. You are your safest place, you are enough, you are loved.

I really hope this might be somewhat helpful for you, and that this type of content will resonate. This is a sharing place, so I would love to hear / read your wellness tips and tricks so that we can all support each other and get better.



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