September 25, 2021

Skincare update : products I am currently using to treat my skin

Hey friends, I hope you are well! Summer is now over and it's time to do a little check up on our skin. Don't know about you but, between the sun, the heat and wearing the mask pretty much every day, my skin complexion has been changing and I feel like my skin has not been quite happy with all that jazz.

Last time my skin was completely messing around was when I came back from Australia. Clogged pores, hyperpigmentation scars, pimples were part of the party, and that was not fun at all.

Here are the few skincare products that I am using at the moment to help cure my mistreated skin. I am also taking advantage of the seasonal change to re adapt my skin regimen.

Off to a good start - targeting hydration, balance, and skin texture.

- OH MY CREAM Cleansing balm: First step of the double cleansing ritual, which is a MUST whether you are using makeup during the day or not. It removes all the dirt, pollution, makeup and oil accumulated in your skin. Love the comforting coconut scent and the texture that melts into your skin. You already know how much I love this product if you've been reading my blog for a little while now.

- OH MY CREAM Cleansing oil: My first love, ever, since I started to educate myself on clean beauty. I am a huge oily texture enthusiast. I find it more sensorial and the citrus scent is amazing. I am switching between the balm and the oil at the moment, but this is my favourite I think.

- OH MY CREAM Cleansing gel: Step 2 of the double cleansing. I have been trying quite a few cleansing gels but this one is a good value for money if you are just getting started in coming up with a little routine. This helps treating acne prone skin without drying out my skin. I do have a sensitive skin and that works for me just fine.

- GROWN ALCHEMIST Matte balancing moisturiser: This is one of the newbies in my routine, and let me tell you : this product is pretty pricy but my skin is very happy with it so far. I went in store to look for a new day cream adapted to my current skin status and the lovely woman that work at OMC Guichard told me this one would be great for my skin. I have been using it for several weeks now and I already can see the before and after. My skin is more even, very comfortable throughout the day, and my red blemishes are reduced. Major bonus : it smells like spa, very fresh and slightly herbal / plant, very soothing and calming of a scent.

- REN SKINCARE Clear screen mineral face cream SPF30: Very important, and especially if you have acne scars or hyperpigmentation. Having a darker complexion, I thought I could pass on this step, but that is one thing not to be lazy about. We all know what sun exposure can do to the skin, but I feel like we are not considering it very seriously. Can't say this has reduced my scars quite clearly but this is enough to know that it cannot do harm to my face. At least it is protecting it and preventing from getting more scars and dark spots. As a mineral sun protection, it might looks a little bit white if you directly apply it on your face. My tip : apply a small amount (the equivalent of hazelnut / pea) and warm it up in your fingers before putting it on your skin, about 10min after your day cream. This helps the texture to melt a little bit and so get easy to work with.

- OH MY CREAM Exfoliating powder: 2 times a week, only at night to remove deadskin and help even out the skin complexion. This exfoliating method is very gentle for my skin.

- AURELIA Brightening eye serum: I started using eye care products this year (being curious and also a skincare girly) and this one happened to be the first one I had on hands. I like the fact that the texture is light enough without letting my eye contour itchy or uncomfortable. The serum texture has almost a gel-like texture and melts easily in my skin. We do love the fresh looking undereye in the morning - not the puffy aspect that could have scared me at first regarding eye creams.

And that's all for my updated, full-on, skincare routine.

I really hope this can help you, and tell me what products you are using as for skincare right now.

Have you also ever tried one of these products or brands? Let me know :)



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