March 19, 2022

Skincare newbies : Night time routine focus

Hey friends, I hope you are all doing amazing ✨

I am taking time to write things here a little bit, so sorry it's been that long since I have posted and said "hi!" here.

Skincare - you might start to know how much I am a seeker for all things wellness and can't get my hands off of great beauty products.

Just to set the scene, and for those who just happen to stumble on my blog for the first time - also welcome, it's a safe place here for wellness, skincare, and lifestyle topics - I have a normal to combination skin, pretty dehydrated and with a tendancy to get rednesses and hyperpigmentation scars quite easily.

Weird thing about it though is that it doesn't get oily during the day.

So, as a good 2.0 skincare advocate, I take my skincare routine very seriously.

I really hope that you will find it helpful, remember that I am here to inspire.

A few steps to a pretty basic, but effective skincare routine. Follow it on a regular basis to give a little more love and care to your skin.

The double cleansing : First step of your routine. It consists of cleansing twice (thank you captain obvious) with an oil-base cleanser, and then a water-base one.

The oil complex will melt together and it will get rid of pollution, sunscreen, makeup, and sebum.

Follow up with your regular cleanser, gel or cream texture to remove what's left.

- ON THE WILD SIDE Cleansing Oil

- REN SKINCARE Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel

The toning : One of my latest add-in, perfect for removing the limestone that makes my skin itchy and sensitive. And one more excuse to spend more money on skincare because we love trying new products oupsi. It also helps the following products to soak into your skin and can be a first hydrating step.

You can choose your lotion or tonic water according to your skin needs. Or if you feel a little more fancy and crazy, you can alternate between several ones.

The lotion I have been currently using helps with dehydration and sensitivity. If you don't want to break your piggy bank, you can opt for a simple thermal water. It works just as fine.

- HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

The hydration : Last but not least on your checklist. After cleansing your face, you need to hydrate and nourrish your skin. You can see that as a way to fuel your skin. Oils and creams are welcomed. You can use one of them, or both at the same time for more comfort.

I am a huge oily texture girl, so I think I might prefer applying an oil and especially at night. It makes my skin super glowy in the morning, and lord knows how much I love that healthy glow!

On every two days though, I do like to use a water cream to balance everything and prevent my skin to get overly nourished and my pores to get clogged. But you do you babe.

- ANTIPODES Culture Probiotic Cream

- ANTIPODES Divine Face Oil

There you go, very quick and easy. I try to do these steps every night to keep my skin as healthy as possible. It takes literally 5-10 minutes and it makes a huge difference on the texture and brightness of your face. Okay, sometimes (most of the time) I do spend a lengthy 20min in the bathroom doing skincare while reflecting on the day I just spent.

Plus, you will find it very calming, regenerating and therapeutic if you are like me. 

Skincare is part of my self-care journey / ritual.

Have you ever tried one of these skincare products ? Would love to read your personal favourites !



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