June 2, 2017

Pas-de-calais Day 2

In a recent post, I've told you about my sea escape for the weekend, in the north of France. We've made up our mind with two awesome days of great memories. Today, I'm coming back for the second day of this adventure in Pas-de-Calais. Have you ever been there by the way?

We headed to the cute little town of Wimereux. We arrived there near about noon. So the first thing we did was finding a nice place to eat. After exploring the downtown area and it's touristy restaurants (they are all sitting next to one another, by the beach - not really actually but more of a bay - promenade), we stumbled upon a burger place! You know I love me some burger and fries. 😻
 Fun fact, I didn't take the food in caption because I was too starving. I only realized I would not have any picture of this goodness for you guys.. But, if you are lucky to be in Paris someday, there is the same restaurant in Le Marais! I'm testing that very soon with my food marathon's partners! 
This place was so cute! Seriously, look at this entrance with the little flowers. It literally looks like lunching at home, right? 
The place only serve one menu, which can be a little cringy but the main dish is fab. Chicken burger or Beef burger, then chose your cheese, and voilà! As for my choice: beef burger and cheddar, but maroilles was bomb too! Everything is chosen to create a delicious burger.

Because this is a real food crush:
- Burger : 8/10
- Fries: 9/10
- Drink: not a big fan of my rhubarb juice so 4/10. The taste of it is special but maybe you'll like it.
- Dessert: I took the healthier option, lol - strawberry tiramisu. 9.5/10 just because nothing is perfect, but this was the best I've ever had.
 Then, with our stomach fully charged, we head off to the promenade. There are so many cute houses there. It reminds me of Cuba or somewhere else where the streets are bounded of colored walls and colored houses.

 Little cabanes with funny drawing and nouns. I've also seen my second name written on one... Could you guys guess which one is named like me?

Back to our apartment after this day. Wimereux have my heart. It's such a nice place to relax and see life in colours. The next day was already the departure, but be sure we will be back. 
This view miss me so much. We had a lovely weekend escape in a place that didn't attract me a lot at first, let's be honest: I was dreaming of a south escape with heat, lavender scenery and gorgeous beaches. But it leads me that you should never judge a place before exploring it!

And you friends, what is your next escape?
Tell me where should I go next in the comment section below <3


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