May 28, 2017

Pas-de-calais Day 1

Hey friends! I just got back from a little sea escape with the fam. This was the best plan (surprise actually) for my first days celebrating the end of finals!

Since you guys seem to like my travel posts, I thought it would be cool to take you with me along my stay there. We went there for the week end - by the way, happy mothers day - and I've brought you so many memos!

We had an amazing stay in Hardelot-Plage. Since we were 7 + the puppy, we went for an apartment to rent, just so that we could all fit and be more independant.
 This is the first time we rent an apartment for vacay, and since we had a great experience, it won't definitely be the last time. Seriously, look at this cute decor. It reminds me of Greece and it perfectly matches my mood right now. 
All the houses are so beautiful there.

 So grateful to be able to explore my dear country. It'ss funny how we don't know France that much even though we live here since forever.
 It's crazy how peaceful it is to have this entire beach, sand going so faraway and be able to jogg literally do anything barefoot.

 My boyzz.

 ZARA Top / ETAM Shorts / O'NEILL Cap / PRIMARK Flip flops

Things to do in Hardelot:

- watch sunrise and sunset
- jogg on the beach
- eat seafood (fish market is always better when it comes to seafood "plateau")
- listen to music on the beach (there's always good acoustic singers, very cool!)
- eat gelatos all day long
- go for a walk in the village. Sunday is market day so go for it!

Hardelot is not a busy town, just so you know. But it has it goods and let us rest for a bit.

I still have more pictures in my mind so stay tuned for my second day adventures. Coming up this week!




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