January 5, 2017

In the middle of nowhere

When I knew I was coming to Tenerife for the christmas break, I was so happy. Like every destination we go to, it's my "thing" to look for cool stuff to visit and to do while we are there.
So as per use, i went on the youtube and of course on Instagram, because that's where you can find a lot of original spots (weither i'm looking at some cool places to eat or just great spots). You know us crazy pics lovers.

So one day, I believe it was on Wednesday, we decided to rent a car to explore one of the best known area of the island. Since it's a volcanic island, the routes were very tiny and we had to take some pretty winding routes which was kind of rude sometimes. It can be a hard time if you are used to get sick in car #truestory.

El Teide mount is 3718m high but it's prohibited to get to the very top unless you have an authorization from the local authorities. But it's already amazing to get just under at nearly 2800m high. 
 This outfit is available here.
Just before arriving to the National Park, we stopped a few time on the route to take great shots of the ridiculously magnificent view. No joke, it was even some what magical over there.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the feeling you get on the routes: you are about to be surprise when I'll tell you about the fact we ended driving into a cloud. That fact was a major point that makes me love this area I think lol. That is fascinating.

El Teide mount area was by far my very favorite place above every ones we visit while being there. You HAVE to go there if you are around. Highly recommand it!

LOVE. xx



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