May 13, 2016

Nice places to eat in Paris - Lobster bar, Ober Mamma & co

Hey beautiful people, I hope you're doing well.

My bf is in town for a couple of days and since he doesn't live in Paris anymore, I have figured that it could be great if we discover some new places to eat while having a good time. I'm sure you'll know at least one of those places because I found them on insta and on some other blogs, so it's not very original. But, I thought I would share them with you just in case. We LOVE food here, right?

First stop for us was Lobster Bar, famous for their lobster roll - which anyway we didn't ending getting.
We went there for lunch (on Wednesday, 11th) and we took the noon menu composed of the roll of the day ( as they like to call it ) and fries plus a soft drink or a coffee.
Today's roll was salmon and let me tell you, it was so good. Everything was very fresh and the fries were homemade. Great point for that!

Decor was pretty cute but kinda small, so make sure to get there pretty early on weekends. We were lucky enough to have a sit in a minute, lol.
Price wise, it is pretty expensive since all is about lobster - for those of ya fancy people out there :) but our menu was only 12 € and proportion was nice - not too big but not too small - even for someone with a big appetite. It was a very great discovery and everything on the menu was looking delightful.

Then we headed to one of the best *instagrammable* place for the evening time on friday (the day after)! And the nominee is... Ober Mamma! Omg what a wonderful place, I cannot handle it, lol. We found this restaurant on Instagram (thanks to @floriane and the other girlies of course.) as usual and it definitely became our go-to pre-evening place to be! I'm not even kidding, we went there to have the *aperitivo* : sorry for my italian which obviously isn't perfect at all, but let's pretend we're in italy because that's basically where our hearts were taken to!

I just figured out that I was so into expressing how deep I was crushing for Ober Mamma that I forgot to tell you about the concept, lol (#love)! So, you guys just have to have a drink to chose among a pretty great list of homemade cocktails, and then you get free dishes you can fill with some sort of tapas screaming italy (a.k.a traditional ham sourced from Italy, olives, parmigiano, focaccia and other delicious things ). Heavenly.

I mean, how can you resist to all of this yumminess? I cannot! :)
We were tempted to stay for dinner but unfortunately, it was already overcrowded... so, too bad but we will for sure come back asap! So if you want to have a sit in a descent amount of time, think of making a reservation, because the restaurant is full quite rapidly because of its reputation!

Third restaurant the day after. I think you can call that a food marathon. As fans of typical junk food, we couldn't go without some nice burger and fries! #sorrynotsorry

So we went to Burger and Fries (the noun speaks for itself obvi). We fell on it totally by chance while we were hanging out in the 10th district of Paris.

It was pretty good yet maybe a bit simple but it's always a good place to eat if you are in a budget.

Here it is for the new places to eat. More of discoveries really soon. And by the way, if you guys have any other adresses make sure to tell me about them!

LOVE, xx


  1. Everything looks so delicious, it makes me hungry! xo, Sophia from

    1. Ha ha sorry for making you hungry lol ! Should definitely try'em if you come to Paris. xx

  2. Girl Absolutely love your blog!!! Its so good!! Thank you so much for visiting mine babe! lots of love. xxx Ash

    1. Hey babe ! Thank youuu for the sweet comment ! Im glad you like it. Hope to read you girl soon, xx



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