November 30, 2023

Empty beauty products I wiil be buying again

Hi friends, I hope you are well!

I've recently ran out of some of my beauty products I had on my bathroom shelves. Most of them are skincare related, obviously, because you know how much I do enjoy skincare. If you have been reading my blog for the last few years, you are certainly familiar with some of them.
But I figured that a little refresher is not a bad thing, especially because I have rediscovered some of these skincare products over the course of the last months, and because our skin can change through seasons.
I still have a lot of products to try and to run through (job thing you have known it for a while now) so I will be waiting a minute before spending my money on new bottles of skincare.
Keep in mind though, the products I will walk you through have worked so well for my skin condition.
LA CANOPÉE Antioxidant Super Plants Serum : Okay, first of all, can we appreciate this gorgeous green colour? This is an oil texture serum that helps with hyperpigmentation and radiance. It is packed with antioxydants such as green tea and macadamia seed oil. I personnaly used it at night as it felt like it helped my skin regenerate itself, but you can use it during the day too.
On the lazy evening, I only massaged 2 or 3 drops of this serum after I double cleansed my face.
For all my extra skincare girlies, I highly recommand using a beauty tool (gua sha for example) for a lymphatic massage.

- ODACITÉ Clean-ical Brightening Serum : I loved this serum so much! I had some skin issues back when I started using this product. And it has done wonders for my skin. This has changed the texture of my skin without ever dammaging my sensitive skin.
The only cons regarding this product is the fact that is very pricy. Other than that, great product, great results personnaly.
I used it mainly in the morning and then put on my sunscreen.
- ANTIPODES Divine Face Oil : It has been a favourite of mine since a couple of years now. This is the face oil that I always turn to when my skin needs more comfort and is pretty dull.
I applied it on damp skin to favor the absorbsion of the product into the skin. This face oil really helped with the brightness of my skin and also reduced my acne scars.
Since I have a darker complexion, I tend to mark a lot easier so I am very cautious about the products I use on a daily basis.
When I wanted something more nourishing on my skin, I applied a few drops in the morning after my moisturizing cream. Doing that helps lock the moisture into the skin :)

- EVOLVE Radiant Glow Face Mask : I used it one time a week, sometimes onece every two weeks. This is a 2-in-1 product that was perfect for my dull skin.
It contains raw cocoa powder - which makes this product like chocolate cake batter - and clay.
It worked well on my skin texture and made it soft and detoxified.
For my extra sensitive skin girlies, I would recommand to use it only as a mask instead of as a scrub. remove gently without rubbing the product off your skin.

There you go friends, I hope you like this little beauty interlude.

Make sure to share this to your skincare newbies or girlies and let me know if you have already been a fan of one of these gems.



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