April 10, 2017

Trendy restaurants and tummy talks

You know food is a huge part of my life. I love finding new cute places to eat when I'm with friends and family. 
I've already talk to you about some great restaurants to eat at in Paris.
I'm actually trying to eat a little more healthy (you know bikini body season is coming up) but, sometimes, I'm just all about a good burger!

About a two weeks ago, my bf and I were about to eat/brunch in some trendy restaurants, on sunday. We totally forgot that a lot of people are brunching on a sunday, was our fault.

First, we headed to Café Oberkampf but the waiting was about 20mns. Because we were so hungry, we decided to continue our food hunting with an empty tummy. 
Next stop: Season. I love this place so much, it's probably my headquarters since I'm always going there with friends. It was already about 1:30 pm by the way.

Guess what! by walking to the Season, we saw a huge waiting line and a waitress told us we had to wait an hour to have a sit...

Pissed out and obviously hungry we head off to PNY le Marais. Luckily, this was just right next to it.
They didn't know how long we had to wait for a seat and to be served.

Yay, after one eternity later, we finally found a place to eat at 3 pm: the little Season takeaway. Same food but the place is smaller and it's slightely cheaper.
I took my two favorite salads there: mango & marinated salmon + chicken ceasar. It was bomb as usal.

To put it all in a nutshell, try not to go to trendy places to eat at on weekends, or you will have to face a huge queue!
But those are still one of my favorite restaurants ever.

And you babes, what are your favourites?


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