January 12, 2017

Santa Cruz and the East coast

Last article about my Tenerife adventures, and I chose to talk to you about my very last road trip we've done. It was on Saturday, which was the day before our actual last day there. Since we wanted to explore a little bit more, we decided to go again and drive all day through the east coast. We already did the middle of the island and also the south, missing the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife (from its entire name).

One thing to say about this city is that it was not always the capital. Indeed before the capital was San Cristobal de la Laguna and for some what reason I don't know, it changed.

Those streets there are very arty, you can find streetarts basically everywhere, and for me it's very pleasant looking. The city reveals a colourful and original atmosphere.

The beach area was okay but maybe it was not the right time to jump right in the water with the cooler temperatures. I have to come back in summer to taste that!

I didn't like it as much as the other parts of the island even though I have to admit I was thrilled to see some actual shopping areas since it's the capital.

I really hope you liked my Tenerife adventures, unfortunately every good thing have an end. In some way, I kind felt like I was still living my time in Tenerife and for sure, I will have these pics in my head for a while.

But I'll talk to you later with normally an outfit post.

LOVE. xx


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