February 8, 2016

Sparkly sneakers @André

Today, i'd like to introduce you to my new pair of shoes in my wardrobe: sneakers. I was kind of a heel girl, a girl who likes lady's shoes. I like being a little bit taller as i'm on the smaller side.
But lately one of my obsession has to be sneakers.

I think you guys will see them pretty often over here because i really like them a lot ! I bought them maybe like a couple of days ago and i'm already in loveeee !!! I saw them everywhere and their style caught my eyes. Very original with the sparkly touch, they go well with barely anything.

They are from the store @André if you'd like to get them. #greatdeal :)

Oopsie.... Don't judge for the beanie on the wrong place right there ! We - my boyfriend official photographer and I - figured it out this morning after uploading the pictures of yesterday's shoot. #funnyfact. We were laughing soooo loud and hope you'll find that as funny as we did :)

COMPLICES Bomber (seen here) / PIMKIE Sweater (not found but simi here) /  ZARA Pants / ANDRE Sneakers / PIMKIE Beanie (sold out)

LOVE. xx



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