March 19, 2022

Skincare newbies : Night time routine focus

Hey friends, I hope you are all doing amazing ✨

I am taking time to write things here a little bit, so sorry it's been that long since I have posted and said Hi here.

Skincare - you might start to know how much I am a seeker for all things wellness and can't get my hands off good beauty products.

Just to set the scene, and for those who just happen to stumble on my blog for the first time - also welcome, it's a safe place here for wellness, skincare, and lifestyle topics - I have a normal to combination skin, pretty dehydrated and with a tendancy to get rednesses and hyperpigmentation quite easily.

Weird thing about it though is that it doesn't get oily during the day.

So, as a good 2.0 skincare advocate, I take my routines very seriously.

I really hope that you will find it helpful, remember that I am here to inspire.

A few steps to a pretty basic, but effective skincare routine. Follow it on a regular basis to give a little more love and care to your skin.


October 22, 2021

5 things I do to feel good inside & out

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Hi friends, I told you in my most recent post about my desire to share more wellness related content over here. 

Wellness is a big topic these days. Almost one of THE trendy and "that girl" starter kit kind of thing you see on social medias. It can be quite of a struggle for some of us to find that healthy balance between our daily tasks (work, personal life and family duties, friends dates...) and our self mental health.

To set the scene - and so that you can get an idea of where I came from - I was done with 4 years of fashion marketing school, waiting for my graduation and dealing with the last months of internship. Adding a romantic situation shift and trying to figure my life out. All of that really was a mess, an earthquake happening inside my mind and body. After analysing - and crying - everything, I decided it was enough. I started to introspect myself, understand how and why the sh*t I was feeling the way I did.

I don't know if you are receptive to synchronicities or if you trust in life, but I do. 

I guess I was way too self-conscious about showing myself as the weird kid wanted to be a mermaid, obsessed with the ocean (but scared of it at the same time lol) talking to the stars and very connected to my intuitions. What's bred in the bone comes out in the flesh !

Here are 5 things I do daily to keep myself balanced : mind, body and soul connected.

September 25, 2021

Skincare update : products I am currently using to treat my skin

Hey friends, I hope you are well ! Summer is now over and it's time to do a little check up on our skin. Don't know about you but, between the sun, the heat and wearing the mask pretty much every day, my skin complexion has been changing and I feel like my skin has not been quite happy with all that jazz.

Last time my skin was completely messing around was when I came back from Australia. Clogged pores, hyperpigmentation scars, pimples were part of the party, and that was not fun at all.

Here are the few skincare products that I am using at the moment to help cure my mistreated skin. I am also taking advantage of the seasonal change to re adapt my skin regimen.

Off to a good start - targeting hydration, balance, and skin texture.


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