November 5, 2017

A healthier option for banana bread lovers

If you guys follow me for at least a year, you know that I started a food marathon, especially coffeeshop style places! Since I've never tried out banana bread before, I decided to take time this sunday for a little bit of baking. I've never been a huge cake lover but since this fall, this is beginning to become one of my favorite hobbie (food lover speaking).

This is the first time for me trying a banana bread recipe so I made the original one with no added topping and glaze. Maybe next time... Since I'm trying to re schedule my lifestyle and basically meal prep my lunches for school to eat a little bit healthier, I've found alternatives for a yummy yet somewhat healthy banana bread. Here is the recipe I came to.


- 2 ripe banana
- 2 eggs
- 160 g of flour
- 70 g of brown sugar
- 2 tbs of coconut oil
- 2 ts of cinnamon
- 1 ts of sea salt
- 1 ts of baking powder

How to make it:

- pre-heat the oven at 180°C
- in a bowl: mash up the 2 bananas until smooth
- add the eggs, sugar, coconut oil and mix the whole together
- in a bowl: combine the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Add this preparation into the bowl
- pour the batter in a large cake dish and top it with a banana cut in half
- let it bake for about 45 min until fully cooked

Eat it slightely warm.

Enjoy fully.


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