March 16, 2017

I have a thing for cafés #1

Hello, hi, good morning babes !
It's been probably a couple of months i've been wanting to write about another food blog post. You know I love me some yummy food !

I had the chance to test quite a big list of coffee places with some of my favorite friends. #biglove
So, I figured out I would share with you some of my favorites, like for sure those are my go-to places, kind of that place you feel safe and you stay at for long hours sipping and snacking.

Fragment Paris: 
What we eat ?
Basically one of my favorite coffeshop of all time. The avo toasts are just perfect goodness, lattes are great too. 
My big love ? The carrot cake is a pure heaven.

What we eat ?
The cutest café ever ! Perfect for instagram shots. Coffee is just flavorful there and pastries are made just behind the bar. 
Big love ? Go go go for the banana bread, the hot chocolate and of course the best carrot cake I have ever tried.

What we eat ?
My head quarter and go-to place ! If you want to eat something a lot healthier than the average restaurants, this place is litteraly the place to be. Juices and food are just THAT big delicious there.
Big love ? Oliver pankakes: tastes like HEAVEN. I'm obviously dreaming of those right now. 😍

Stay tuned for some other spots ! I'm continuing my food marathon...


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