October 28, 2017

How I keep my hair healthy

Yay ! Finally posting a new beauty & skincare related post. I'm a huge fan of fashion but recently found a new thing for beauty. Not particularly a makeup girl but since I'm not putting a lot of makeup besides I have something fancy, I find my beauty therapy on skin & hair products.

Tell me if you'd want a skincare post with some of my favorite crushes I'm currently using ! I might write more beauty talks in the near future.

 In the meantime, let's talk about my favorite hair products I'm using for about a year now, and I'm liking it. You guys didn't know about the fact that I've been having some (tiny) issues with my hair falling (pollution, weather, food, and what not) + I have extremely dry hair. I have the chance anyway to have pretty thick hair but with all that I lost some of its thickness.

I'm trying to keep my hair routine pretty minimalistic (lazy girl issues) and also try to keep my hands away from nasty ingredients for your hair health.
This is not a perfect routine in any way shape or form but at least, it works for me and it's pretty clean.
JAPAN Bamboo Comb (simi here) / LOVEA Shampoo / TIMOTEI Shampoo & Conditioner

Step 1: Always combing my hair at night before going to bed. I'm using a bamboo comb because I like the fact of using natural materials when it comes to beautycare + I heard it is less damaging for your hair.

Step 2: Some of you might do that - I'm always putting my conditioner first (on my length only) then I apply my shampoo. I'm constantly switching with my two favorites of all time: Lovea coconut shampoo & Timotei coconut nutrition shampoo. I love the smell of coconut in case you didn't tell lol !

Step 3: Letting my hair dry. I'm trying to keep as away from the heat as possible.

What are your favorite hair products ? Are you more of a #makeupgirl or #beautycaregirl ? Would love to know babes !



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