June 8, 2017

Healthy recipe - freshly made udon noodle and lentils salad

Who's hungry right now ? This night, I'm making this yummy salad. First time trying it but since I love food, I thought that it would be cool to share my latest recipes for this upcoming season.
By the way, can we just take a second to appreciate this dulce weather ?
So warm and chilly at the same time... love itttt !

I'm also trying to eat a little more healthier these past weeks. Summer is literally right in the corner and I don't want to feel bloated all day long. Let's be real, sometimes you are just in a rush OR you are out for lunch with your friends. It's not always an easy task; especially for burgers lovers like myself. 
 What you need: no particular measure, make it how many serving you like
- udon noodle
- lentils
- tomatoes
- wild salmon (I used frozen salmon but fresh is better)
- green onions
- lime juice
- olive oil
- hummous
- salt & pepper
Cook the lentils for about 20min on medium to high heat until they are soft enough, then cook the pasta for 10 min. Rince them in cold water to stop the cooking. 
Diced up your tomatoes, green onions and nuts for toppings. Cook the salmon on high heat until crispy (about 4min on each side plus extra cooking until golden). 
For dressing: lime juiced + olive oil + salt and pepper.
Extra fibre and proteins with hummous and nuts.

Serve it once it has cool down and voil√†. Bon appetit babes ! 


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